Do you feel something is missing from the church?Join the journey to discover the lost secret to God's love and power.An unimaginable world of blessings and fulfilled destiny awaits!
The Lost Secret

Are you a Christian who loves God but has left church? Do you still go to church, maybe you're even a minister, but you know in your heart that something is missing?

You're not alone. Research shows 20 million people have left church and millions more are ready to follow. The cry of their heart is "where is God's love and power?" The author will take you on a spiritual journey to discover the secret of God's love and power that has been lost for 1,600 years.

But don't expect a typical book, in fact The Lost Secret is being called the un-book. There are no words on the cover, an Archaeological Adventure Map serves as the table of contents, and there are 21 original oil paintings and 38 illustrations to visually propel you through your journey.

This book is so different, it must be experienced, so join the journey today.

Outrageously Good News 5 CD Set

Most people believe their number one problem is a love deficit. If only their parents, siblings, teachers and coaches had loved them more, things would be a lot different. Second is a blessing deficit. If all the problems and curses and in my life could be turned to blessings, I would be so much better off.

But although all of us have some degree of a love and blessing deficit, this is not the number one problem in our life. Our number one deficit is a truth deficit. The proof is Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden in a world of unlimited love and blessings, yet they still sinned. Why? Because they bought into a deception that devalued God and Man, a judgement that God is not good and I’m not good enough.

This truth further explained, is the amazing beginning of a life changing five part series that will show you how to replace the root source all sin and curses, with the fountainhead source of all love and blessings. Those who have sat under this teaching have been dramatically impacted and changed. So to for you, as your life will never be the same.

  1. Truth That Produces High Value
  2. The Surprising Secret Of Getting Into Agreement With God
  3. Your Probably Right
  4. What’s Faith Really About?
  5. The Preeminence Of Jesus And His Cross

The Lost Secret Book + Outrageously Good News 5 CD Set

The book and CD Series form a powerful combination. Those who have listened to the Outrageously Good News series and then read The Lost Secret report a major life changing experience. Our way of encouraging you to take advantage of this powerful combination is to offer a $10 discount when you order both.